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Hot Stone Reflexology

The subtle energies of stones introduced into a treatment calm the senses, relax muscle tension and promote a meditative state.

The heat from the stones penetrates to a deeper level, bringing about physiological changes as well as influencing the body’s internal energy flow (Chi); therefore bringing a balance to both body and mind. Reflexology is a perfect way to nurture our bodies and ourselves.

What is involved in a hot stone reflexology treatment?

A consultation is required at your first treatment; this ensures Hot Stone Reflexology is right for you.  The recipient lies on a couch.  As it's just the feet that are worked on, you remain fully clothed at all times, apart from removing your socks and shoes.
The therapist applies warm oil to the feet first and always ensures the heat of the stones is suitable for the client. Pressure is applied using (basalt) hot stones and specific techniques with the stones on different parts of the feet.  A Hot Stone Reflexology session lasts approximately 1 hour and treats the whole person rather than specific symptoms.

What are the benefits of hot stone reflexology?

Increases heart rate, respiration and vasodilatation of capillaries  
• Promote the release of tension in connective tissue  
• Increases circulation and elimination of waste products (waste products flushed and organs cleansed)  
• Increased action of leukocytes (fights infections)  
• Promotes relaxation  
• Improvement in circulation and lymphatic function  
• Increased metabolism – optimised circulation means organs and systems can function more effectively, therefore the rate at which the body processes foods, toxins and energy is also improved  
• Reduced muscle spasticity – heat application relaxes muscle to the extent that we can work further/deeper with muscle fibres.  If muscle relaxes and recovers, repair can take place more efficiently.  
• Warming, relaxing, gently initiates the parasympathetic system (slows down heart rate, relaxes inner organs, increases blood flow, boosts immune system and lymphatic system), slows down respiration  
• Client becomes more receptive to massage in areas of tension or discomfort (less anxious).  
Summary of Effects of Warm Stone application on the feet – Psychological  
Soothing, nurturing, the feeling of being in touch, grounding, feeling of blissfulness, tranquilising, comforting, feeling of security and safety, release of tension and anxiety.  
Cold stones: Cold stones are excellent to ease decongestion e.g. deep tissue or sinus.  They assist the reduction of erythema and sooth irritation.  
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When frozen or iced, their silky texture facilitates gliding manipulations without the use of a lubricant.  
Summary of Effects of Cold Stones application on the Feet – Physiological  
• Causes vasoconstriction, especially good in areas of inflammation as blood flow is discouraged  
• Analgesic (body produces prostaglandin, a natural pain relief) into muscle when cold is applied, which is effective for treating muscle cramp and tension.   
• Inhibits release of necrosin (a naturally released chemical, which caused tissue deterioration) is useful as an application immediately after muscle damage occurs, to inhibit further damage.  
• Reduces inflammation and build up of scar tissue in over-worked muscle groups   
• The therapist can benefit, since heat and cold can travel in all directions 

The effects of hot stones on you are two-fold: a physiological (physical structure of the body) and psychological (relates to the mind).  

The short term physiological effects of hot stones include the following:  

 • Improvement of skin tone and colour by removing dead skin cells

• Improved circulation, encouraging more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells

• Deeper and more efficient breathing

• Relief from muscle fatigue, soreness and stiff joints

• General feeling of relaxation, and feeling the need to sleep

• Speeding up of digestion and waste removal  


In the long term you may experience benefits such as:  

 • Improved skin elasticity and circulation

• Boosting of immunity from illness

• Improved muscle suppleness

• Improved neural communication and relaxed nervous system

• Relief from insomnia

• Balancing of the digestive system

• Lowering of high blood pressure  


The short term psychological effects of hot stones include the following:  

 • Relaxation of body, reducing tension and stress

• Relaxation of mind, reducing anxiety

• A lifting of emotions, increasing positive feelings

• Increase in energy levels and reduction in fatigue, from invigorating body systems 

Price: For a 1 hour treatment of hot stone reflexology £40.00

Note: Hot stone reflexology is not a substitute for medical treatment nor is it a diagnostic system. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.



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